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Securing Casinos from Cybersecurity Threats: The Significance of Proactive Detection

The casino industry’s lucrative nature and high cash flow make it alluring to millions of patrons around the world. However, following the industry’s significant digital transformation in the past decade, these very qualities make it an opportunistic target for cyberattacks and adversaries.In recent years, cybersecurity has grown into an even bigger issue, as beyond the casino floor, the casino industry has...

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Why Modern Organisations need both SIEM & XDR

In today’s complex cybersecurity environment, two advanced solutions have emerged as the front runners in the fight against cyber threats: Next-Generation Security Information and Event Management (Next-Gen SIEM) and Extended Detection and Response (XDR) solutions.Both have unique strengths in protecting digital assets of organisations, but when integrated and used together, they can help organisations achieve […]

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Enhancing Cybersecurity in Hospitality: How AI-based SIEM Transforms Threat Detection and Response

Digital transformation has impacted every sector, including those steeped in tradition. The hospitality industry, with its rich history dating back centuries, serves as a vibrant confluence of diverse cultures and a hub for various sectors like food and beverage, air travel, tourism, hotels, and short-term rentals. This digital evolution has been instrumental in bridging the […]

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E-book | 7 Transformative Ways AI is Redefining the SIEM Landscape

Today’s rapidly changing cybersecurity landscape poses a challenge for traditional SIEMs. Powered by inflexible rule-based detection methods, they can only detect known threats – leaving organisations vulnerable to the unknowns of tomorrow.   The evolution towards next-generation SIEMs and novel applications of AI & ML marks a significant step forward, transforming SIEMs into intelligent tools […]

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E-book | Why The Future Of Cybersecurity Is Proactive

A Guide to Next-Gen SIEM:  Why the future of Cybersecurity is Proactive In today’s ever-evolving digital landscape, businesses encounter a myriad of cybersecurity challenges. The relentless evolution of cyber threats demands robust security solutions capable of not only addressing but foreseeing and preventing potential risks, essential for sustaining business growth. This e-book caters to cybersecurity […]

opt Organisations need to adopt predictive and proactive threat detection software

Organisations need to adopt predictive and proactive threat detection software to counter cyber-attacks

As technology evolves, we often think of the benefits it can bring to organisations with new software and programmes being created to enhance society as a whole. But we often overlook the fact that these new, innovative products and systems are also available to those who want to do harm – specifically cybercriminals. In 2021, […]

How fraudsters attack blockchain technology and how it can be prevented

How fraudsters attack blockchain technology and how it can be prevented

The global financial crisis of 2008-09 resulted in the development of the Bitcoin whitepaper, which introduced the world to the concept of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. In a blockchain, information is stored in several databases (blocks) that are linked together chronologically through cryptographic hashes to form a distributed network (chain). Since its inception, the global […]