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Securing Casinos from Cybersecurity Threats: The Significance of Proactive Detection

The casino industry’s lucrative nature and high cash flow make it alluring to millions of patrons around the world. However, following the industry’s significant digital transformation in the past decade, these very qualities make it an opportunistic target for cyberattacks and adversaries.In recent years, cybersecurity has grown into an even bigger issue, as beyond the casino floor, the casino industry has...

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Improving Your Security Posture with MITRE ATTCK opt

Improving Your Security Posture with MITRE ATT&CK

Like a well-fortified castle designed to withstand any invasion, an effective cybersecurity strategy shields your business from attack. This article explores the role of MITRE ATT&CK, an expansive knowledge base and model for cyber adversary behaviour, in enhancing an organisation’s security posture.   First, we will provide a comprehensive overview of MITRE ATT&CK, followed by […]

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How to Choose the Right SIEM for Your Organisation

Cyber-attacks today are not only increasing in volume but are becoming more sophisticated, with many adversaries now relying on AI and other advanced software to launch attacks. The good news is that investing in a high-quality SIEM can prevent and mitigate most of these threats. Cloud-based SIEMs that utilise artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning […]

What is SIEM and what can it do for your business

What is SIEM and what can it do for your business?  

As more businesses digitise and cyberattacks become increasingly complex, organisations of all kinds are realising the importance of establishing a robust cybersecurity strategy.   Enter Security Information and Event Management (SIEM). Fortunately, SIEM is a security solution that can help businesses reliably mitigate risk and safeguard sensitive data.   SIEM combines security information management (SIM) […]

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What The FinTech Interview With Our CEO Ralph Chammah​

On episode #35 of the What The FinTech Podcast, OwlGaze CEO Ralph Chammah sat down with Medhy Souidi to share his journey of entrepreneurship in the world of AI and Cybersecurity software. Ralph and Medhy took a deep dive into the impact of Blacklight’s AI-driven Next-Gen SIEM and how the solution can empower businesses to proactively safeguard […]

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Blockchain Protects Our Data, But Who Protects The Blockchain?

Co-Authors: Ralph Chammah, CEO of OwlGaze Miro Pihkanen, CSO of OwlGaze Protecting Web3 Businesses From Cyber Threats As businesses try to capitalise on the trends in Web3, we have already seen detrimental cyberattacks that have caused trillions of dollars in losses and damages. As attackers target industry players ranging from play-to-earn games like Axie Infinity, De-Fi protocols […]