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E-book | The Value of AI in Security Operations for Large Enterprises

Large enterprises are piling more money into their security infrastructure than ever before - but with a big workforce, sprawling ecosystems, and the sheer amount of valuable data they store, they remain particularly susceptible to cyberattacks.In the background, adversaries have become more sophisticated and can now infiltrate even the best-defended networks and circumvent traditional security defences.In this E-Book, we discuss the...

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How fraudsters attack blockchain technology and how it can be prevented

How fraudsters attack blockchain technology and how it can be prevented

The global financial crisis of 2008-09 resulted in the development of the Bitcoin whitepaper, which introduced the world to the concept of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. In a blockchain, information is stored in several databases (blocks) that are linked together chronologically through cryptographic hashes to form a distributed network (chain). Since its inception, the global […]

IEmbracing AI is key to combatting evolving cyber threats

Embracing AI is key to combatting evolving cyber threats

With cyber threats becoming increasingly diverse in how they strategically cripple organisations, the cybersecurity landscape is under increasing pressure to bolster its technology and defense methods. Cyber-attacks have only become more frequent year-on-year, with the costs to an unprepared business only increasing with them. Data breaches can harm not only your organisation’s wallet but also […]

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Future Of SIEM: The Age Of AI, Automation, And Cloud Technology

Gone are the days when teams of security analysts had to play the impossible guessing game of detecting every looming cyber threat. The advent of next-gen Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions and the widespread embrace of AI tools, automation, and the cloud have marked the beginning of a paradigm shift in how enterprises […]

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SIEM Security Best Practices: How Organisations Can Optimise their SIEM and Cybersecurity Strategy

In a time like today where organisations are in constant fear of getting hit with a cyberattack, countering threats has become a top priority. As such, Security Information and Event Management solutions, or SIEMs, are not only used by large enterprises but have become a crucial part of most modern SOCs. Yet despite how widely […]

Organisations need to adopt five steps to detect threats effectively and proactively opt

Organisations need to adopt five steps to detect threats effectively and proactively

Most organisations rely on perimeter security measures to protect their networks from cyberattacks. However, this is no longer sufficient. Recently, high-profile attacks have illustrated how sophisticated attackers have become and how they are finding ways to penetrate even the best-defended networks. To stay ahead of attackers, organisations must develop threat hunting capabilities and check for […]

Identity Access Management IAM helps prevent cryptocurrency cybercrime which is at an all time high opt

Identity & Access Management (IAM) helps prevent cryptocurrency cybercrime, which is at an all-time high

According to Comparitech’s cryptocurrency heists tracker, hackers have stolen £7.1 billion in cryptocurrency since 2011, which is about £40.6 billion today   Recent research by Rekt reports that cybercriminals have stolen £2.6 billion through 141 different cryptocurrency exploits since January this year, putting 2022 on track to surpass 2021 in terms of digital currency malfeasance.   Although cryptocurrency […]