Blacklight Software

Blacklight provides a robust solution for real-time
security monitoring & detection

Ingest & Monitor

Plug and monitor. Log integration made simple for rapid ingestion with a centralised and consolidated mechanism to fully manage and ensure adequate hygiene of your data sources.

Detect & Respond

AI modelling built-in to allow rapid adoption and baselining for quicker threat detection. Combined with the multi-level detection rules for protecting sensitive data, critical and blockchain infrastructure.

Report & Action

Turn security data into business decisions. Built-in security trends and metrics provide valuable insights into your overall organisation’s risks – a data driven approach for your next cyber investment.

Lean & Efficient SOC

Designed to do more for security teams. Built to address the cybersecurity skills shortage and help organisations and managed security providers to run lean and efficient SOC teams.

Security Fundamentals AI UEBA opt

Security fundamentals,

Accelerate your detection with AI

Pre-built detection models and scenarios using an ensemble of AI algorithms focusing on finding real threats faster. Detection based on AI-identified events and threats providing high-confidence alerts to accelerate investigation time and identify true positives. Defend your organisation with dynamic visualisation to ensure your security analysts are focused on what matters and have the latest intel at hand to improve their efficiency.

Advanced analytics with UEBA

Gather behavioural analytics to identify variances in patterns over time with early detection indicators. Detect anomalous behaviour of compromised users, assets, and applications to identify threats. Gain insights into user and entity profiling by leveraging peer comparison and machine learning to accelerate investigation and response.

Scalability built-in natively

A smarter return on your security investment with Blacklight.

Fast stream the implementation and setup, and gain quicker monitoring and detection capabilities for your security analysts. Focus on protecting your organisation instead of being bottlenecked by infrastructure costs, storage capacities, or query limits.

As a cloud-native SIEM, Blacklight is 50% less expensive and 90% faster to deploy than legacy SIEMs. Deploy Blacklight and start monitoring immediately on any cloud hyperscaler with SIEM software that is ready to automatically scale to meet your organisational growth.

Scalability Built In Natively opt
Threat hunting v4 opt

Threat Hunting

Don’t react after the fact, be proactive.

Cyberattacks are a combination of malicious activities. Leverage your data, the power of AI and abnormal behaviours to predict an attack. The threat hunting feature allows analysts to gain better visibility on the malicious activities already performed as part of the kill chain. It provides a holistic view of the attack sequence and the magnitude of the threat, offering key insights into the proliferation.

By leveraging advanced correlation and aggregation of alerts, Blacklight is capable of sophisticated predictive threat detection for a meaningful visualisation of your organisation’s attack vectors. Monitor your ecosystem, perform advanced searches, and identify early signs of an attack.

SOC Efficiency

Focus on Priority, Focus on global visibility

Blacklight is your company’s security fusion center. With global visibility at your fingertips, Blacklight is built for global correlation while ensuring compliance with data protection and residency regulations. Detect threats at the highest level in the organisational chart and stop the proliferation of the attack before a new occurrence.

Continuous Fine-tuning

Native feedback loops provide insights based on the outcomes of alerts. Embedded machine learning provides continuous and automated awareness to the AI models for continuous fine-tuning. Avoid ad-hoc and manual fine-tuning of use cases. Use Blacklight to reduce noise and alert fatigue.

Dynamic, consolidated & Intuitive interface

Blacklight’s intuitive interface provides real-time information, dynamic updates, and readily available data for quick and efficient investigations by SOC analysts. Aggregation of related alerts allows for a more comprehensive view, so that teams can focus on the most critical threats and with shorter investigation times.

Designed to do more.

SOC Efficiency 2 opt
Dashboard Blacklight opt

Reporting & Dashboards

Turn security insights into business decisions.

From insights into your security posture to performance metrics on your SOC team, Blacklight can guide you in your next cyber investment. Our dashboards help your teams identify areas of improvement.

It is built and designed for in-house use and makes it easy for MSSPs to cater to their clients. Easily generate/produce powerful and useful reports for daily analysis or periodic reporting to C-level executives.

Features List

Blacklight, a comprehensive tool for your security operations  combining threat detection, investigation, response and more.

Contextual threat Intelligence

Automated intelligence crawlers gather telemetry of potentially compromised data specific to your industry and your employees to vastly improve and prioritise alerts.

Continuous Fine-Tuning

Profiling of Assets, Users and Alerts for enhanced contextual data and information. Machine learning for continuous feedback loop and automated fine-tuning to minimise alert fatigue.

War Room

Incident response and management platform to facilitate coordination between internal teams, clients, and external operators. Better incident assessment and evidence sharing, ultimately enabling quicker resolution of the situation.

Log Integration & Health management

Easy integration with data sources from your on-premises and cloud products, and infrastructure providers. Built-in health check monitoring and notifications to ensure data pipeline and platform hygiene.

Correlation & Alert Aggregation

Assisted and unassisted AI-based pattern recognition and advanced correlation. Ability to correlate and detect malicious patterns based on low severity events while aggregating similar alerts to accelerate triage process.

Ticket & Service Management

Manage the lifecycle of alerts/incidents by capturing all notes, including screenshots, of the investigation results with built-in escalation notifications. Avoid data and information tampering with end-to-end chain of custody – future-proofed for in-depth forensics.

MITRE ATT&CK® Coverage

Built-in detection scenarios and models aligned to industry best practices spanning across all categories. Natively embedded MITRE Enterprise and ICS framework for ease of use by security analysts.

Cloud Native & Agnostic

Deploy and run across any hyperscaler without any limitation. Designed and built with proprietary algorithms to enable multi-cloud organisations.

Roster Management

Manage analyst shift assignments, working hours, vacation time and leaves dynamically. Improve your SOC efficiency with dynamic alert assignment and facilitate handovers during end of shifts. Measure employee performance with data driven inputs.

Data Residency

Gain true global visibility while ensuring compliance with data residency and regional regulatory requirements.


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