How does Blacklight compare?

Designed and built by security experts for security teams.

The key features of SIEM – SOAR – XDR combined into a single platform.  

Organisations can deploy a disparate set of products or choose one unified platform.  

Built for big data and real-time analytics.
Ingests, aggregates, centralises, normalises and correlates data from all sources: IT – OT – Blockchain.

Dynamic interface to reduce investigation time and speed up remediation of threats that previously required human intervention.

Increases visibility for heavily siloed security products and ecosystems to avoid alerts based on incomplete or poorly correlated information.

Increased visibility on advanced persistent threat (APT) detection with advanced monitoring across the entire attack surface.


Reducing your risks, reducing your costs

Blacklight is built to help you, our customers. Whether you are Security Leaders, Security Engineers, or Security Analysts, Blacklight is made for you to address all the pain points of legacy SIEMs.

Connecting your entire ecosystem: Information Technology (IT) – Operational Technology (OT) – Blockchain Technology (BT)

In any sector, cybersecurity threats are unavoidable. Blacklight provides security teams, in all sectors, a proactive way to detect and respond to threats for your organisation.

Blockchain – Web3 – Crypto

Gain visibility on threats across your blockchain ecosystem and traditional IT.

Correlate insights from off-chain and on-chain data. Monitor and detect malicious behaviour of employees and software developers. Protect data integrity by detecting any attempt at manipulation of cross-chain data and distribution across P2P networks.

Financial Services

Build your fusion center and gain global visibility on insider threats and compromised credentials.

Use a behaviour-based approach to monitor, detect and perform global correlation of suspicious events related to data exfiltration, insider threats, lateral movements and more. Obtain a holistic view with valuable intel to analyse the threats and risks to your organisation. Ensure regulatory compliance with the data privacy laws specific to the financial services industry.

Energy & Resources

Gain visibility on threats across your OT ecosystem and traditional IT infrastructure.

Interconnected networks and devices - including smart meters, SCADA and IoT devices - can open doors to threats. Digitalisation of the ecosystem can cause massive disruptions and expose extremely sensitive data. Obtain a holistic monitoring and detection to respond quickly to cyberattacks.

Hospitality – Casinos – Gaming

Gain global visibility on your operations and client data.

Customer data including PII should be monitored, and data exfiltration should be rapidly detected. Exposed sensitive data negatively impacts brand reputation. Respond to threats with global visibility while complying with local regulations.

And many more…

Healthcare & Life Sciences​

Transport & Aerospace​

Consumer & Industrial Products​

Government & Public Services​

Technology, Media & Telecom

A Next-Gen SIEM

Unlike other SIEMs on the market, Blacklight offers much more by incorporating key functions of a SOAR and an XDR.
Key functions include data management and retention tools, automated threat detection, and response capabilities to keep systems and data secure and compliant.

AI-based correlation of all security data and alerts to provide a centralised incident detection and response for your entire ecosystem: IT – OT – Blockchain.

Enriches event data, simplifies the identification of critical incidents and automates response actions to specific events or triggers.

Machine learning (ML) to continuously improve detection capabilities and reduce false positives, reducing the alerts that overload security teams.

User, entity behaviour analytics (UEBA) to create baselines of normal user and device behaviour.


Integrations kept simple with complete visibility of threats using Blacklight.

Leverage all your security data and more for advanced contextual insights with robust integrations.

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