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Blacklight enables a proactive approach to identify, prioritise and prevent cyber attacks using advanced AI correlation and intelligence. 

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Acting as the security command centre for any SOC
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The Perfect Software For Your Business Security & Growth

SaaS & SOCaaS

SaaS & SOCaaS

24/7 monitoring & proactive threat hunting.

CISO as a Service 

We help businesses accelerate the integration of security technologies to solve business challenges.


We provide end-to-end cybersecurity services with deep technical expertise across all pillars of cyber.​

Why Blacklight Featured
Why Blacklight

Designed and built by security experts for security teams

The key features of SIEM – SOAR – XDR combined into a single platform.

Organisations can deploy a disparate set of products or choose one unified platform. Unlike other SIEMs on the market, Blacklight offers much more by incorporating key functions of a SOAR and an XDR.

Key functions include data management and retention tools, automated threat detection, and response capabilities to keep systems and data secure and compliant.


Blacklight provides a robust solution for real-time security monitoring & detection

Ingest & Monitor

Plug and monitor. Log integration made simple for rapid ingestion with a centralised and consolidated mechanism to fully manage and ensure adequate hygiene of your data sources.

Detect & Respond

AI modelling built-in to allow rapid adoption and baselining for quicker threat detection. Combined with the multi-level detection rules for protecting sensitive data, critical and blockchain infrastructure.

Report & Action

Turn security data into business decisions. Built-in security trends and metrics provide valuable insights into your overall organisation’s risks – a data driven approach for your next cyber investment.

Lean & Efficient SOC

Designed to do more for security teams. Built to address the cybersecurity skills shortage and help organisations and managed security providers to run lean and efficient SOC teams.

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What Our Clients Say About Blacklight

Blacklight SIEM & SOCaaS have been a game-changer for lean security teams.

Blacklight has been an extremely beneficial SIEM for our organisation, helping us improve our security posture by providing us with a comprehensive view of our security events enabling us to detect and respond to threats quicker and efficiently.

    Chief Security Officer

    The solution and the managed services are helping us perform efficient and accurate investigations, freeing up our time to focus on more strategic initiatives. We’ve centralised and increased our visibility of security events, improved our threat detection, response times, and reduced our risk of breaches.

      Sr. Security Analyst

      Blacklight has been a cost-saving asset to our security team. The solution’s AI has helped us to identify and respond to threats that we would have otherwise missed. It’s also providing us better insights of our compliance against ISO standards.

        Chief Information Security Officer

        A truly next-gen SIEM that would provide us with a comprehensive view of our security events, improve our threat detection and response capabilities while complying with data residency security regulations.

          Chief Information Security Officer

          Blacklight SOCaaS is highly recommended to other organisations. The solution is well-architected, easy to use, and very effective. We were looking for a next-gen SIEM that would be easy to onboard and quick to deploy.

            Chief Technology Officer

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