Blacklight AI Showcases Next-Gen Security Operations Platform at GISEC 2024

Dubai, UAE, May 28, 2024 – Following the conclusion of GISEC Global 2024, the largest annual cybersecurity expo in the Middle East and Africa, Blacklight AI is pleased to reflect on its participation and success as an exhibitor, alongside its partner for the GCC, Naizak Distribution. It was an honour to be among other innovators who are also leading the charge in cybersecurity, to converge, explore, and share the latest knowledge on the state of global cybersecurity and emerging technologies in this realm.
Over the span of three days, the Blacklight team got the opportunity to engage with attendees and showcase how Blacklight helps proactively secure, monitor and detect beyond a traditional SIEM. By demonstrating its unique AI technology and built-in detection, the team illustrated how Blacklight’s unified platform sets a new standard for protecting enterprises and their digital assets against ever-evolving threats.
“It was great to be there to interact with attendees, the real people who use security tools. We got the opportunity to get their insight and show them first-hand how Blacklight integrates seamlessly with other cybersecurity tools, and how it’s a comprehensive tooling platform for any modern SOC, regardless of company size.” – Ralph Chammah, Co-founder & CEO of Blacklight AI
Blacklight AI Showcases Next Gen Security Operations Platform at GISEC 2024 2 opt
As Blacklight AI looks ahead, it remains committed to pushing the boundaries of AI in advancing its proprietary software, as part of its mission to enhance the digital security of enterprises around the world by empowering a proactive approach. We also look forward to all the future collaborations and developments that will stem from this event.

About Blacklight AI Platform

Blacklight, our proprietary AI-powered Security Operations Platform, helps you secure, monitor and detect beyond your traditional SIEM. Blacklight is architected, designed and built using industry best practices, offering the maximum level of flexibility and extensibility.
Combined with SOC services, we provide the highest level of visibility into your organisation’s security for proactive monitoring.

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