OwlGaze Launches Revolutionary Predictive Threat Detection Solution, Blacklight, in the UK

OwlGaze, the provider of cutting-edge, end-to-end cybersecurity solutions, announces the UK launch of its revolutionary predictive AI threat detection software, Blacklight. OwlGaze’s mission is to keep organizations protected and to enable businesses to navigate their way through today’s complex and disjointed layers of cybersecurity. 


Blacklight is the first ever truly predictive, cloud-native, AI-powered detection software that acts as a centralised cybersecurity command centre for any organisation. Using advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), Blacklight is capable of sophisticated predictive threat detection, based on the collection, normalization, and analysis of all telemetry data. Blacklight’s investigation and threat hunting capabilities are aided by AI & ML based security analytics and data correlation. Enabling security teams to uncover threats more efficiently and gain better visibility. Blacklight significantly decreases risk and minimizes cost, and is available from a single, unified platform that is fully compatible with other security tools.


“OwlGaze is proud to offer British businesses our unique, end-to-end predictive threat detection solution, enabling them to identify, prioritise and prevent cyber-attacks using advanced analytics and AI technology,” says Ralph Chammah, Chief Executive Officer of OwlGaze. “The threat detection market is undergoing radical transformation fuelled by continuously evolving changes to infrastructure, remote workforce, budget restructuring, and other business, compliance and security drivers. Today’s businesses, from startups through to large, multinational enterprises, are increasingly affected by cyber threats and they struggle to keep up.


“Not only are we seeing a growth in the number of businesses targeted by cyber criminals, but attacks are also becoming ever more sophisticated, with increasing financial, operational, and reputational costs. At the same time, the cybersecurity market is highly fragmented and opaque for most businesses. To date, there has been very little cooperation between software vendors in the industry, and many claims about the intelligence and effectiveness of various solutions are exaggerated, at best. This was the reason we started OwlGaze, guides clients through complex cyber-related issues through our proprietary software, Blacklight. Our team’s decades of experience in cybersecurity gives us an unrivalled view of corporate requirements for British businesses, across multiple client industries.”


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