Blacklight AI, a pioneering force in AI for cybersecurity, is proud to announce its inclusion as one of the most innovative AI Cybersecurity Software

London, UK, February 15, 2024 – Blacklight AI, a pioneering force in artificial intelligence for cybersecurity, is proud to announce its inclusion as one of the 17 young companies participating in Google’s selective AI for Cybersecurity program.

This program, curated by Google, is a testament to Blacklight AI’s innovative approach and dedication to advancing cybersecurity through cutting-edge AI technology. Over the coming months, Blacklight AI’s Co-founder and CEO, Ralph Chammah, will embark on a transformative journey supported by Google and esteemed industry experts.

The Blacklight AI team is excited to be part of a cohort of passionate entrepreneurs and professionals dedicated to leveraging AI to enhance cybersecurity. This opportunity signifies more than just growth; it underscores Blacklight AI’s commitment to making a tangible impact on the safety of businesses, individuals, and organizations worldwide through AI.

For more information about Blacklight AI and its participation in the Google for Startups Growth Academy: AI for Cybersecurity program, please visit:

About Blacklight AI Platform

Blacklight, our proprietary AI-based Security Operations Platform, helps you secure, monitor and detect beyond your traditional SIEM. Blacklight is architected, designed and built using industry best practices, offering the maximum level of flexibility and extensibility.

Combined with SOC services, we provide the highest level of visibility into your organisation’s security for proactive monitoring.

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